Made in the USA - Sweatshop Free

What We Stand For

Equality, Diversity,

American Apparel advertising campaigns have become as synonymous with our brand name as the signature natural beauty and individuality that first put us on the map.

From design and marketing to packaging and advertising, the majority of our creative content is conceived in Downtown Los Angeles, where our visionary art directors, designers and creative team deliver our groundbreaking campaigns.

We are not politically correct,
but we have good ethics.

Natural Beauty

We find our models all over the world, through online submissions, word of mouth, and in retail stores, where we’ve been known to do an impromptu test shoot or two. Our ads have always been indicative of a time and place in American Apparel’s identity, which has evolved into a 12,000 employee worldwide collaboration. Explore the online ad archives for a closer look at our ads featuring models, factory inner-workings and the global vernacular that inspires us.

Empowering Women, Empowering People

At American Apparel, we believe in equality between people. It’s no secret that over 50% of our workforce is female and that most of our leading executive positions have historically been comprised of women.

Legalize Gay

American Apparel has always been a voice for inclusiveness, equality, human rights, basic freedoms. Freedom of expression and an empowered individuality have always been central to the love, passion and discourse around American Apparel. Every day, a beautiful diverse world of people of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds express themselves in their own personal way through the American Apparel brand.

Legalize LA

At American Apparel, we don’t believe in borders, in fact, only a small percentage of us are actually American. Since our creation, we have embraced the idea of globality and diversity bringing together people from all around the world.