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Le Club American Apparel FAQs

What is Le Club American Apparel?
Le Club American Apparel is a free program designed to benefit our loyal online and retail shoppers. It has all the benefits of My Account and also a customer loyalty program where the more points you earn the higher the level you can advance to. Each level has its own set of perks, benefits and prizes. The higher the level, the greater the perks.
How do I sign up?
You can click here to sign up. Le Club American Apparel membership is free and open to all US residents, however, you must be 13 years of age or older to become a Le Club American Apparel member.
What sort of perks will I get?
There is an abundance of great perks for members of Le Club American Apparel. The higher your level, the more exclusive the perks become. Also, all members, no matter their level, will have access to the new and improved My Account benefits like easy order tracking, express check out, and more!
How do I receive perks and benefits?
If you haven't already signed up to receive benefits, you can go here and check the "I want to receive Le Club American Apparel benefits!" checkbox. Once you're signed up you will receive a monthly email with all your available perks and benefits.
How do I earn points?
All future purchases after signing up will be automatically collected in your account. Members will receive points when they make a purchase on the United States webstore or in participating US retail locations. (Please see Le Club American Apparel Terms & Conditions for more information regarding point accumulation.)
Will I receive points for both online and retail purchases?
Yes! To receive points for an online purchase simply log in to your Le Club American Apparel account before or during checkout. To receive points for a retail purchase just mention to your cashier that you are a Le Club American Apparel member, and provide them with your email address.
What are the levels?
When you sign up for Le Club American Apparel, you will be enrolled in one of 5 levels, based on your total points. Each level will immediately grant you access to exclusive benefits and savings.
How do I become a VIP member?
The VIP level of Le Club American Apparel is an invite only level. Once you make it to Connoisseur level, you're eligible to be invited to become a VIP member at any time based on a certain criteria.
What happened to "My Account"?
All the functions of My Account are still available to you in Le Club American Apparel regardless of your level. We've also added a ton of new exciting benefits including easy order tracking, express check out, customizable email preferences, and saved addresses and payment types.
Can I update my profile?
Yes, any information can be updated here.
Is my information safe?
Absolutely, you can review our Privacy Policy.
How many points do I have?
Every time you log into your Le Club American Apparel account you will be able to see your total points and level on the point scale. If you feel like there is an issue with your point balance, you can contact our customer service team.
Do my points ever expire?
The expiration of your points will be up to our discretion. After a 12 month period of inactivity we will review your account and decide on point expiration upon review.
How do I cancel my Le Club American Apparel account?
You can contact our customer service team and they can assist you in canceling your account.
Can I re-activate a canceled account?
Yes, contact our customer service team and they can assist you in re-activating your account.

For more questions, contact our customer service team!

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