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Ethically Made—Sweatshop Free

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Ethically Made - Sweatshop Free

Our Community

Keeping Our
Employees Healthy

We live in a world without borders. We believe in the dignity and pride that is achieved when doing good work for a fair wage. People everywhere have the right to work and to be treated with respect regardless of location.

Our Fully equipped medical clinics
provided more than 142,700 instances
of free medical care in 2015.

Empowering Through

We encourage and promote continued education through an internal training academy for technical professions, high-school equivalency programs and university scholarships. We were a founding member of the IPC in Honduras, a school that offers technical education to members of the community. Invested over U.S. $1.9 million into the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras, which has graduated over 6,500 students since its inception. This type of support provides development of marketable skills for members of the community to create a better life for themselves and their families.


In our manufacturing facilities, we have free onsite medical clinics staffed with doctors and nurses who provide pre and postnatal care, vaccinations, preventative screenings and health education on topics such as the Zika virus, HIV awareness and heart health. As part of their overall benefits, employees are entitled to free medication, subsidized meals and free transportation to and from work.

Creating Better Futures

We are involved in several school renovation projects to improve the conditions for school-aged children in Latin America and Bangladesh. Since 2006, we have provided over 1,000 scholarships for employees and community members to attend professional and vocational schools.

In 2015, we commited to donate the entire grant received from the government of Honduras in connection with our participation in an employment program called “Con Chamba Vivis Mejor” (We live better with jobs). As part of our community investment program, more than $3.5 million is being allocated over a two-year period to special community projects in Honduras aimed at improving education, health care services and living conditions in the northern region.

Encouraging Local

Another way that we support our communities is by hiring local talent to staff our management positions, ensuring we offer these opportunities for development to our employees. We also strive to have a positive economic impact by using local suppliers for transportation, food services and raw materials and accessories for our production facilities such as dyes, buttons, zippers, boxes and office supplies.

our community