Sweatshop Free Stories

At American Apparel we’ve always believed in sweatshop free and ethical manufacturing. We’ve also always believed that border lines are pointless.
Today we are spreading our beliefs one step further - globally giving more ethical jobs to more people around the world.
We visited our new factories and team members in Honduras and decided to share with you their amazing stories.
That's American Apparel!
→ Employee Healthcare

We provide healthcare to all of our employees in Central America, the Dominican Republic and Bangladesh through fully equipped medical clinics at each of our manufacturing facilities.

The clinics operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The team consists of 37 doctors and 71 nurses worldwide providing a broad spectrum of care including pre-natal and vaccinations.

Episode 4

→ Meet Eric

Eric Meza is in charge of our Biotop, a 100% natural way of treating and filtering used water.

The purpose of the system is to treat wastewater through a series of interconnected lagoons that naturally stabilize the wastewaters’ pH levels.

Our Biotop wastewater treatment process has yielded excellent results while maintaining an extremely rich ecosystem beside our production facilities attracting various animals such as goats, birds and crocodiles.

Episode 3

→ Meet the Kids

As part of our community investment program, we have been supporting a number of schools located in close proximity to our facilities in Central America.

The Ramon Amaya School, located in San Jose de Los Laureles, Honduras, is a school we have been supporting for the past 7 years, significantly improving the learning environment for the more than 200 children of our community.

Meet the kids!

Episode 2

→ Meet Heber

Heber is a one of our operators at the San Antonio, Honduras sewing facility.

He was born in Honduras and lost his mother at the age of 9. His options in life were limited.

It wasn’t until he found a job at Gildan that he was able to create a future for himself.

Heber met Juana while working together at the factory.

They are now expecting a baby girl and were recently able to buy a house through the Gildan housing program.

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